Plant Protection Product Register

Public section (according to §22 Plant Protection Products Act 1997)
Date: 31.08.2011


Reg. No. 2912 / 0
Date of issue: 2006-12-28
Date of expire:
Application for reregistration: 2009-12-14
Product name: Laudis
Function: Herbicide
Type of formulation: Oil dispersion
Active substance:
        Content of pure a.s.:

Active substance:
        Content of pure a.s.:
44 g/l

Isoxadifen-ethyl (Safener)
22 g/l
Approval holder 
        Company: Bayer Austria GmbH.
        Address: Herbststraße 6-10 A-1160 Wien
        Company: Bayer CropScience AG
        Address: Alfred Nobel Straße 50 D-40789 Monheim am Rhein
Final label responsibility 
        Company: Bayer Austria GmbH.
        Address: Herbststraße 6-10 A-1160 Wien

Authorized conditions of use

1. Use:

2. Use:

3. Use:

4. Use:


1. Dangerous properties of the product (danger symbols and designations of the danger)

2. Names of any special risk (phrases indicating the risk)

3. Safety precautions (safety advises)

9. Other conditions and particulars

10. Other particulars required for authorisation or provided for by an ordinance according to §20 paragraph 5 Plant Protection Products Act 1997 concerning the labelling of the finished packages.